Jenna Leigh Evans
Jenna is probably the best editor I’ve ever met. Not only will she sense the weak spots in your work with kindness and sensitivity, she will unfailingly have specific suggestions to fix them in the context of what you’re trying to achieve. She has the rare ability to give you an idea of how to make your work stronger that feels like the very idea you were trying to have, but that was just out of reach. I can’t imagine my novels without her rigorous and compassionate influence.
— Rosalie Knecht, author of "Who is Vera Kelly?" and "Relief Map"
Jenna Leigh Evans is, quite simply, among the best editorial minds I have ever worked with. As an editor, writer, and ghostwriter she has an extraordinary ability to synthesize diverse information into content that is memorable, enjoyable, and impeccably literate.
— James Oseland, former editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine; editor-in-chief of World Food Books



Jenna Leigh Evans is an author and senior copywriter with byline content in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Food & Wine Magazine. Her debut novel Prosperity was awarded first prize for a North Street Book Award and has been optioned for television; short fiction, essays and criticism has appeared in The AmericanThe ToastThe BillfoldAutostraddlethe literary journal of the Henry Miller Library, and Electric Literature, among others. She studied with poet Caroline Halliday in London and postmodernist pioneer Kathy Acker at the San Francisco Art Institute, interned at Paris Press, and studied at The Writer's Studio in NYC. She's a LAMBDA Literary Fiction fellow and a Barbara Deming Memorial Fund grantee.

She is currently the Senior Editor of Ten Speed Press' upcoming World Food book series and working on her second novel. She lives in Brooklyn and is represented by Soumeya Roberts at HSG Agency.


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What readers on Amazon and Goodreads

are saying about Jenna Leigh Evans' Prosperity, a Novel:

“…A prescient, scary page-turner…it's also, surprisingly, laugh-out-loud funny in places, as well as suspenseful.”

As I read this book, I found myself watching it at the same time. It truly is cinematic and unlike anything I've ever read before.”

“I missed these characters SO MUCH when the book was finished. I wish this was a series! I agree with the previous poster who called it cinematic…I hope those who scout vehicles for Hulu, Netflix and the like are paying attention.”

Brings a richness of humanity to…characters marginalized by society who demand their dignity and freedom within the overwhelming subjugation of an institutionalized corporate world…a great mix-up of Beckett and Thelma and Louise.”

“It reminds me of Kafka on a slight acid trip.”

"Rarely is a book with a political conscience this warm-hearted, funny, and smart."

I wish it was a series I could binge watch for weeks on end!! Malls as prisons? Genius. Percy and Lita? Badass. MORE!

PROSPERITY, A NOVEL is available in English and Spanish, in paperback and Kindle.